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  • Friday Drinking Game #65 – Tom Cruise

    With Jack Reacher hitting cinemas this Winter, it’s only right we honor the crazy stunt-monster himself. Say what you like about his personal life, but Tom Cruise is undeniably a fantastic screen presence. Whether you’re watching him mixing drinks (Cocktail) or drinking drinks (The Last Samurai) or demanding drinks (Tropic Thunder) or getting his eyeballs removed (Minority Report), there’s a jolly good reason for everyone to toast our favourite psychopath!

  • The Firm

    The Firm is a re-make of a classic TV film of the same name, originally directed by Alan Clarke for the BBC. Not only was it critically acclaimed, but it also Gary Oldman his springboard into stardom. Well done all round, we’re sure you’d agree. So could this re-make push the accolade of the original? Considering the director is Nick Love, a man well versed in football hooliganism having directed both The Football Factory and The Business, we went into this rather optimistically. The result? A well paced, humourous and action-filled hooligan romp which is well worth a watch, without really adding anything new to the original