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  • Friday Drinking Game #73 – Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Right, so you must all know by now that Arnie is making his big, explosive, swash-buckling return to leading action man status following his brief hiatus to run the government of California or something. To celebrate the release of The Last Stand today, we have of course, prepared our 73rd Friday Drinking Game in honour of the Austrian Terminator. Let the bollocks commence!

  • The Last Stand

    His first starring role since making the relatively short trip back to Hollywood from the L.A. governor’s mansion, Arnold Schwarzenegger creaks back onto the big screen in a routine actioner that bets big on nostalgia for the one-liners and stiff acting he perfected so long ago. Does a dinosaur like Schwarzenegger have a place in an era dominated by wire-less martial arts madness and the kind of jumped-up hyper-kinetic combat pioneered by the Bourne franchise? The Last Stand is a lesson in the saving grace of star power, even if it doesn’t burn quite as bright as it used to.