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  • The Top 10 Teen Movies We Actually Love

    So, The Inbetweeners Movie is finally upon us, relishing in the antics of four teenage boys on holiday. And, what with the success of Twilight and High School Musical lingering in the air like a bad smell, it seems the world has gone crazy for teen flicks. Crazy, obviously, because these new-fangled teen movies can’t ever hold a candle to the likes of Ferris Bueller and The Lost Boys. Join us as we count down our fave ever pubescent movies of all time…

  • RIP Cory Haim

    Former teen superstar Corey Haim has died from a suspected drugs overdose. The actor who’s most memorable work came in the late 80’s and included the cult classic ‘The Lost Boys’ had had widely documented stuggles with substance abuses. Despite these troubles he had still managed to secure work pretty regularly, with his reality T.V. show with close friend Corey Feldman, ‘The Two Coreys’ enjoyed success.