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  • On the perils of the unknown

    Tell you what, we’ve only got a new bloody writer! The glorious Janina Matthewson can be found across the Internet writing for everyone from NASA (that might be a lie) to our little-sister site Work in Prowess, and she’s finally scaled the walls of Best For Film Towers to shower us with opinions and that. Ever wanted help justifying your refusal to watch anything but Labyrinth, over and over again? Welcome home.

  • Cheat Sheet: Zac Efron

    The Zefron is a bit of a dark horse these days; after seeming set for lifelong underage vaginal domination around 2006, when that guiltiest of guilty pleasures came out, High School Musical, he just didn’t take off from Disney quite as drastically as anyone expected. There was a time when he would have been anyone’s first bet for the male leads in things like Avatar – instead, he seems perpetually dissatisfied and cannot decide what he wants. We at BFF do like a mysterious one, so let’s have a wee look.

  • The Lucky One

    It’s been a while since we’ve played a good game of Nicholas Sparks’ Tragic Character Tragic Death Bingo, hasn’t it? Will it be the mop-headed golden child with the violin skills and the adorable love of chess? Will it be harassed, golden mom who hasn’t been able to get back on her beloved boat since it happened? Will it be Zac Efron’s war-haunted but ever so golden Marine veteran, whose blue eyes bely the slow-motion dusty montage horrors he’s no doubt researched thoroughly? Well, two of them have got to have sex first. And thankfully for everyone mop kid is not down as The Lucky One in terms of that.