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  • 10 reasons Disney are unspeakably evil

    …And we don’t mean because of that unfortunate Brother Bear episode. The Disney Corporation are famously careful for keeping their secrets firmly to their brightly coloured, endlessly cheery chests, and it’s time we all knew a little more about their dastardly working habits. No wonder their villains are so convincing…

  • Top 10 Film Outtakes, Bloopers and Mistakes

    Hollywood is big business. They spend millions producing top notch blockbuster films, paying big Hollywood stars huge salaries to star in their movies and creating the most impressive CGI effects, all to get us through the door and part with our cash. However, despite all this, we here at Best for Film (just like a MasterCard advert) like nothing more than to pedantically pick out all their mistakes. Priceless! So here is our collection of the best and worst outtakes and bloopers and mistakes in movies.