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  • Film lovers of London UNITE! The Scoop, 7.30. Be there or you know what!

    Everybody loves a freebie. Just ask Janet Jackson and Luther Vandross. And whilst I wouldn’t say that ALL of the best things in life are free, The Scoop is offering something truly great. Outside film screenings. And I’ve got the windswept hair to prove it. So forget about the rubbish giveaways; like flyers through your letterbox, a dress ten sizes too small that your pal gave you because she lost weight, or the free drink that ain’t alcohol (yeah thanks) because this is GOOD stuff!!

  • The Scoop: Free Film Festival

    From the 15th September – 1st October The Scoop are hosting FREE open air film screenings at More London – the riverside London amphitheatre. And not just any films. Good freaking films. Hurrah for free! Hurrah for films! Hurrah for good!