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  • Abattoir Blues #3 – Watching Ti West

    One of the most distinctive horror directors working today, Ti West made his mainstream breakthrough with 2011’s critical smash The Innkeepers and his work on the headline-grabbing anthology films V/H/S and The ABCs of Death. He’s got a frankly alarming number of projects due to hit the big screen within the next couple of years, so we’ve put together this guide to his key works. Y’know, so you don’t look like a square at parties.

  • Texas Chainsaw 3D

    This film is a massacre of horror films; a ridiculous, unwatchable mess of storylines crossing storylines and half-naked teenagers falling over branches at every turn. Did we ask for another remake, reboot or continuation of the Texas Chainsaw franchise? I don’t think so. Even worse, were we really that desperate to have it shown to us in 3D? Has anyone ever said, ‘God, I REALLY hope they reboot Texas Chainsaw Massacre soon, it’s just been too long!’? Still, here it is. So you’ll just have to make do with the fact that it’s really, really bad.

  • Silent Hill: Revelation

    It’s not scary, it’s not funny, it’s not even very bloody. Aside from a few interesting set designs, the only revelation here is how bad it is. Silent Hill: Revelation is in the running for worst film of the year, and at the moment the odds are in its favour. Run from it.

  • Cheat Sheet: Wes Craven

    Wes Craven: Two words that by their associative powers alone, can conjure inimitable phantasmagoric visions from which you cannot avert your eyes, but in the dead of sleepless night, so desperately wish you had. Whether it’s the snicker-snack of finger-knives or an Edvard Munchian bogeyman that threatens our dreams, it’s high-time that we got ourselves educated on the hand that wields them…

  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is back… again.

    Just when you thought there wasn’t any flesh left in this franchise to shave off and wear, out comes news of yet another sequel. Twisted Pictures have apparently been planning a seventh (yep, seventh) outing for Leatherface for a while now, and have finally settled on writers Adam Marcus and Debra Sullivan to pen a script