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  • Cheat Sheet: Kristin Scott Thomas

    What do you know about Kristin Scott Thomas? Exactly. She’s beautiful and French (except she isn’t, but you know) and she plays lots of tragic heroines and frigid upper-class women and generally people who look down their nose at the world until they suddenly have all the sex. If that’s it, you need this Cheat Sheet like KST needs a genteel chignon (clue: a lot)

  • This Week’s Releases: The Trailers

    Yep, the coming week is mere moments away. Quite a lot of moments, admittedly, but look at them – all lined up ready to throw themselves into the ever-thinning gulf between you and Monday morning. Still, at least there are NEW FILMS to be watched. And what better way to decide on what to feast your face on then by watching the trailers? Yes, there are loads of better ways, but this way is mega-easy.

  • The Woman in the Fifth

    Just when you thought being married to Uma Thurman was stress enough for poor Ethan Hawke, he moves to Paris and gets involved with a vampy older woman who may or may not be real. That’ll teach him to have a silly name, eh? The Woman in the Fifth is a fascinating tale which will lead you into a completely new world and do its level best to leave you there.