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  • Cheat Sheet: Jack Black

    This week’s movie releases includes the Jack Black helmed Bernie. The reappearance of this lovably rotund gentleman got us thinking: what do we really know about this intrepid comedian? True his name has been a familiar sight to us for a number of years now but does that mean we actually have a line on the man that lies behind it? Probably not! So here it is! A nice compact little compilation of facts that will come to the rescue in any given Jack Black-related situation. No, no, no need to thank us! It was our pleasure!

  • Mini Movies: The Shawshank Redemption

    We’ve all got those films. The films we know we should have seen, but never quite got round to bothering with. And who needs yet another party ruined by crippling trivia ignorance? Certainly not you. Not after last time. That’s why we’re helpfully putting together Mini Movies – all the key points of a must-see trimmed down to its beautiful, nude essentials.

  • Jacob’s Ladder

    At the invitation of the Swedenborg Society, Best For Film is publishing a special series of reviews to follow its ‘Images of the Afterlife in Cinema’ film season, which will be exploring life, death and everything in between. This week it’s the turn of Adrian Lyne’s harrowing supernatural classic Jacob’s Ladder. Hold onto your sanity…