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  • War Horse

    First adapted from Michael Morpurgo’s book into a play by Nick Stafford, the story of War Horse has now been set loose on cinema audiences in Steven Spielberg’s latest epic. Having divided critics upon its release, we decide to make like a horse and canter towards a sunny meadow of consensus. And clover.

  • The Deep Blue Sea

    Whether or not you’re a Terence Rattigan fan, this classic story of lust and loss will leave you mistrusting polygons as only a skilfully crafted love triangle can. Whisking the audience deep into a simple and unbearably touching love story, The Deep Blue Sea is the most elegant and perfectly constructed film you’ll see all year.

  • Cheat Sheet: Rachel Weisz

    Hugely talented, enviably beautiful and married to Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz is the thinking man’s crumpet and the thinking woman’s object of bitter, bitter envy. But what does she get up to when she’s not fighting mummies and winning Oscars? It’s a Tuesday; this must be the Cheat Sheet…

  • Thor

    Running across one hundred and thirty minutes of hammer-smashing 3D insanity, Thor is absolutely everything you want from a superhero film; big, beautiful and heroically over the top. And if the plot gets lost along the way, who really cares? On to Valhalla!

  • Archipelago

    Summoned to a remote cottage by relatives, a young man is preparing to leave to do volunteer charity work in Africa. But is this really what he or his family want? In a superlative British drama Joanna Hogg examines a family suffering a crisis of communication.