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  • Keith Lemon: The Film

    Keith Lemon: The Film manages to make The Inbetweeners movie look like a viable candidate for an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture. It doesn’t matter how many times Kelly Brook shows off her curves in her underwear (which is many), how many ill-advised celebrity cameos there are (also many) or how often Leigh Francis attempts to tickle our funny bones with a badly-timed fart joke (seriously?), there is absolutely nothing that can stop this film from being dubbed unwatchable.

  • Demons Never Die

    Eight angsty teenagers decide to kill themselves together. Then someone starts murdering them. Then one of them decides to kill the others. Then the slasher who isn’t the guy who decided to kill everyone strikes again but he might be all in the goth girl’s head. Then Asher D from So Solid Crew turns up. Confused? Yeah…