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  • Kristen Stewart: Future Stripper?

    I’m not sure whether it is offensive or complimentary to be so good at portraying a stripper that you are offered a job in the lapdancing club you are filming in. I guess we should be thankful that Kristen Stewart wasn’t approached by Team Vampire after seeing her in Twilight to make her into a real life vampire girlfriend.

  • Vampires Suck

    Vampires Suck is a Twilight parody that’s vibrant on the outside and dessicated (sucked dry, indeed) on the inside. However, even a spoof movie as weak as this one does have some surprisingly redeeming features that are almost worth the price of a cinema ticket…

  • UK Film Events This October

    October is, of course, a time dominated by ghouls, zombies and good ol’ fashioned frightfulness. But with All Hallow’s Eve not falling until the last day of the month, what on Earth are you supposed to do until then? Well you can stop fearing death by boredom and leave your demise to the demons, because here at Best For Film we’ve leapt on the case and compiled some of our favourite film events happening this month. After all, if you’re going to get shocked by skeletons and mauled by monsters, you might as well have some fun first.

  • The Runaways

    The Runaways were the goddesses of the Riot Grrrl movement, and charting their extraordinary journey from suburban insignificance to global stardom was always going to be a challenge. Happily, this sensitively crafted and superbly cast film more than does justice to their extraordinary legacy.

  • Daybreakers: DVD Review

    Warning – don’t go and see this film expecting another Twilight. No doubt that’s what the studio financing this Aussie-made vampire flick is hoping you’ll do, but the blood-suckers in Daybreakers are not so much your new-school pretty-boy vegan variety. They belong firmly to the old guard of demonesque bad guys who have overrun the earth and must be hunted down with big machine guns, crossbows with exploding bolts and other such gore-porn paraphernalia that will have teenage boys wetting themselves in excitement.

  • Twilight Eclipse clip online!

    Like, OMG you guys, team Twilight Eclipse has totally released a teaser clip of the new film! Unfortunately for teen hormones everywhere this isn’t your standard brood-off between Bella and Edward, rather showcasing more vampiric antics courtesy of Dakota Fanning – aka Jane.

  • Remember Me

    Sad boy meets sad girl. Said sad boy and sad girl inevitably fall in love. Whilst it would be easy to summarise Remember Me as such, it would be crude..