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  • Is Mel Gibson indestructible?

    Sure he’s a sexist, an anti-semite and possibly a violent and deranged tool-belt, but heck, it’s Mel Gibson! – This seems to be the message American audiences are sending to Hollywood, as a new survey reveals that most people wouldn’t change their viewing habits based on Gibson’s past behaviour.

  • Crude

    It’s nice when documentary filmmakers come up with new angles to the ‘poor underdog’ theme. Since the genre first became commercial enough for cinema release, we’ve had our heartstrings pulled every which way, to the point where the concept’s getting old. But Joe Berlinger’s new release Crude, which centres around a class action by a group of Ecuadorian tribes against a US oil giant, manages to raise some unusually interesting points about the nature of the environmentalist movement and just who is right and wrong in a case like this.