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  • Preview: Kick Ass

    So we’re off to watch Kick Ass on Monday, and we reckon it’s only fair that we give you the low-down on what the critics are saying about it so far, before we give our own (infinitely superior) opinion.

  • Popeye Back On Our Screens?

    It’s been leaked today that Sony Pictures plan to bring Popeye the Sailorman back to the cinema in an all-new CGI adventure. A long overdue re-vamp, or another grab at making money off an existing franchise? The choice is yours.

  • European Cinemas threaten To Join Alice Boycott

    Last week we reported that UK cinemas are considering a boycott of Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland because of an argument over the length of cinema release in relation to the DVD release. Now it seems that Holland’s four largest exhibitors are reportedly threatening not to show Alice unless Disney backs down.

  • Avatar Blows the Critics Away

    After months of speculation, debate, rumours and one of the most aggressive cinematic marketing pushes of recent memory, Avatar received its premiere last night in London. Despite a flurry of non-disclosure agreements being signed left, right and centre the press just couldn’t wait.