Articles Posted in the " violence " Category

  • Dog Pound

    Dog Pound details the lives of Davis, Angel and Butch as they try unsuccessfully to stay out of trouble in a Montana detention facility. Director Kim Shapiron addresses gang violence, corrupt prison guards and rape in this brutal drama, which contains haunting moments in spite of the ubiquitous nature of the genre.

  • Brotherhood

    As a convenience store robbery/ frat boy prank goes horribly wrong, Adam (Trevor Morgan) decides that he really doesn’t want to join Sigma Zeta Chi after all, he’d much rather join a sorority. Far less violent. Until the chocolate goes missing that is.

  • Dream Home

    Social satire clashes with extreme violence in this vicious slasher film from Hong Kong. A strong sense of black humour runs throughout, but the fact that 3 people out of an audience of 10 left before halfway through the screening tells you all you need to know about the killings on offer in this asian horror.

  • Samson and Delilah

    Winning the Camera D’Or at Cannes, the Australian movie directed by Warwick Thornton tells us the story of two Aboriginal teenagers living in the Australian outback. Although barely a word is spoken between the two main characters, Delilah and Samson begin an affectionate relationship when faced with the hardships of living in absolute poverty.