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  • Beauty

    The winner of this year’s Cannes Queer Palm, Oliver Hermanus’ Beauty is a bleak look at the secret life of a closeted South African homosexual. But does its visceral insight into the specifics of its subject overshadow the importance of the societal pressures at hand?

  • Weekend

    Set over the only two days of the week we don’t despise, Weekend tracks a brief, fiercely intense romance that blossoms unexpectedly after a one-night stand. Lovely performances and canny direction elevates what could be a fairly slow-moving mumblecore flick into something quite special, presenting a refreshingly honest account of the joys and frustrations of sudden, deeply inconvenient passion.

  • BFI London Film Festival guide 2011

    The 12th of October draws ever nearer, and every day the tingle in our hearts (and pants) gets more alarming. The 55th BFI London Film Festival has announced its full programme, and there are SPOILS TO BE ENJOYED! Sit back, take in our highlights and cancel your ASDA delivery – it’s time to start saving…