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  • God Bless The Western: A Top 5 Introduction

    After the recent success of True Grit it’s time we forget about aliens, doomsday stories and talking animals for a while and remember the art of film for real men – The Western. Let us recall the good old days- when 14 year old girls didn’t just hang out and have wet dreams about Justin Bieber, but went off with strangers to kill the murderer of their Dads and some Outlaws on the way. If you’re a fledgling Western buff, fear not – we’ve got the films you need to feel part of the action. Heck, you can almost smell the horse poop and cowboy sweat right on your couch…

  • Tom Cruise To Star In Cowboy Flick

    …If his feet can reach the stirrups, that is. Ha. Haha. Sorry Tom, that’s not funny. Word is that Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger have both signed up for a new western entitled Paper Wings, which sees a rodeo champ falling in love with a country singer. We reckon Tom is playing the singer.