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  • Short film of the week: Damn Your Eyes

    Damn Your Eyes is a Grindhouse Western about an eyeless badass cowboy who drinks goat’s milk and goes from town to town exacting bloody revenge on a past wrong. Creative swearing, smoke-filled saloons, Oedipal complexes and blood seeping into sawdust… what more could any Westploitation fan wish for?

  • World Cinema: A Rant

    Seasoned blogger and Best For Film freelancer Cal has a bone to pick with the sprawling industry which promotes and distributes film in the English-speaking world – namely, why is it so gosh-darned xenophobic? For too long has the huge variety of superb cinema produced in countries bereft of words like ‘bling’ and ‘slanket’ been lumped into one big unholy mélange of untrustworthy foreign muck under the euphemistic non-genre of ‘World Cinema’. Well, no longer! We’re standing up and saying NO to a system which thinks L’Illusionniste belongs alongside Emmanuelle.