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  • Around the World in Eight Films

    With this summer set for forty days and forty nights of rain, us BFFers are gettin’ outta here! Or not. Because let’s face it, where would you be without our continual filmic drivel to keep you entertained during these darkened days? No, instead we’re humouring ourselves with a virtual trip that will take us to sun-soaked exotic places without leaving the comforts of our rather comfy office. So get your flight socks on and your mozzie spray out, ‘cos we’re going round the world in eight holiday-based films!

  • Missing

    Director Kim Sung-Hong treads an oft-travelled path with this vicious tale “inspired” by true events. That claim could well be disputed but Missing does boast a genuinely creepy central performance by Moon Sung-Keun as a farmer with an eye for the ladies and an original idea on what constitutes quality chicken feed. No wonder their eggs taste so good!