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  • Top 5 princes in film

    HRH the Prince of Wales officially picks up his senior citizen’s bus pass today, and his landmark birthday got us thinking – not about architecture or the environment or how long his mum’s going to live, or whatever else he actually thinks about, but about princes. You can’t go wrong with a prince – all the cachet of being a royal and none of the pressure. Who’s your favourite?

  • Super Accessories: the shopper’s guide

    As the impending atrocity that is Green Lantern looms ever closer (we’re resigned to it, we just are), we’ve decided it’s time we take a look behind the super powers.We’ve realised that it’s not the tight fitting cat suits, underwear on the outside or “inherent desire to do good” that makes a real superhero, it’s all about the blingin’ accessories! As it happens, we managed to come across a catalogue straight from the superheroes supplier detailing the ten most popular superhero accessories.