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  • Young Adult

    Charlize Theron is on deliciously caustic form in dark comedy Young Adult; a tale of one woman’s desperate addiction to the life she no longer has. It may be that the script never quite matches the brilliance of the star, but with Theron’s horrible anti-heroine leading every scene its easy to stop worrying, sit back and sink into pure unadultered squirm.

  • This Week’s Releases: The Trailers

    Ahhhh Sunday. The day where pure, unadulterated Watching is, legally, the only thing any self-respecting human can do. Hang up those thoughts of productivity – they can wait till Monday. Settle down into your pants, get trailer happy, and figure out what you’ll be watching this week…

  • Cheat Sheet: Charlize Theron

    She was in Monster! She was in those J’Adore adverts! She’s… she’s… wait, she’s South African? You don’t know nearly enough about Charlize Theron, and frankly its getting on our nerves. With the release of Young Adult just around the corner, it’s time you stopped hopefully googling disgusting words about her and got to grips with some cold, hard facts.