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  • Friday Face/Off: Adam Sandler

    This week, Adam Sandler emerged as the third highest-paid actor in the world for 2010/11. One of our faithful team of word-wranglers rejoiced at this news, whilst the other bit a copy of You Don’t Mess with the Zohan in half. Guess which was which? It’s time to Face/Off…

  • Friday Face/Off: Superhero Films

    What is it about Fridays that make us so damn angry? As Captain America prepares to kick Nazi Arsch across our screens this weekend, another randomly selected pair of Best For Film gladiators gird their loins and prepare to Face Off…

  • Friday Face/Off: Sandra Bullock

    It’s that time of the week again; that ‘we all want to get home but we’ve agreed to write one of these every Friday – quick, someone pop to the shop for some vitriol and poorly conceived opinions!’ time of the week. Facing off this week are the two GIANTS of Best For Film, and they’re tackling perhaps the most pertinent issue of all: was Two Weeks Notice any good?

  • Friday Face/Off: Sean Penn

    Have you ever thought, we mean really thought, about Sean Penn? We have. And lo and behold one of us thinks he’s of the Parker fountain Penn of Hollywood, and the other thinks he’s just the biro that the dog has chewed and oh god someone call the vet, it’s choking.

  • Friday Face/Off: Transformers

    We’re getting that Friday feeling once more, and the gloves are off! Fuelling the fires of incoherent webRAGE this week, it’s none other than Michael Bay’s Transformers franchise. Two of our lady writers will be getting their claws out and putting their bitchy faces on as they battle it out! Who will you be rooting for?

  • Friday Face/Off: Judd Apatow

    It’s Friday, the week is taking its trousers off, and humans worldwide are searching desperately for a reason to get drunk and lairy. Well we’ve got one. Judd Apatow: comedy messiah, or deadbead one-noter? Two of our writers stop talking in nice voices, and instead start throwing their words about like syllable-based rocks. Whose side are you on?

  • Friday Face/Off: Angelina Jolie

    Trout face or divine beauty? Angelina Jolie divides the office. So come on then if you think you’re hard enough, let’s face/off and settle it once and for all. Read on to see the fall-out, insults, dirt-slinging madness that this debate created. Best For Film will never be the same again…

  • Friday Face/Off: Rom-Coms

    Friday will keep rolling around, dammit, and it’s become somewhat of a tradition on this sad, sad day for two BFF guards to fight it out on a topic of contention. This week, it’s the fluffiest of all demonic reprobates: The Rom-Com.

  • Friday Face/Off: Movie Trailers

    Oh look, it’s the Friday Face/off! Before we high-tail it out of here and into the closest drinking establishment we’ve slapped together a little piece on the legitimacy of trailers. They are part of the cinema-going experience; but are they no longer necessary? Do they give too much away or is that part of the allure? It’s an argument that has raged for centuries (well definitely for hours) and it continues here!