Alright, you lot. Here’s the deal – we know Best For Film is great, you know it’s great (please say you think it’s great), and our mums definitely know it’s great… but there’s loads of other great film sites out there and, frankly, we don’t want you to visit any of them ever again. That’s why we’re going to start rewarding you for using us. Sneaky, isn’t it?

Best For Film has teamed up with ePoints to ensure that visiting us leaves you with more than just a warm glow. What’s ePoints? Glad you asked. It’s a new points scheme incorporating rewards, discounts, savings and amazing exclusive offers – and you can earn points all over the site! There’s loads more information below, but if you’re in a hurry to get the ePoints rolling in then check out our three step guide to the brilliant and oh-so-simple Best For Film DVD Giveaway:


1) Register for Best For Film / ePoints at the top of this page – you’ll get 50 points just for signing up!

2) Check the ‘Earn’ button on each page to find out where you can earn free points – then get clicking!

3) When you’ve made it to 100 ePoints, click ‘Spend’ and order your absolutely FREE pot luck DVD!


Right, back to the wordy stuff.

You’ve probably visited the Best For Film Shop, where thousands of top brands jostle for your attention – but have you realised that the cheapest deal isn’t necessarily the best? You can earn ePoints on each purchase, so think carefully before you choose a fifty pence discount over a triple ePoint bonanza – trade those points in and you could be enjoying a luxury cruise! Provided you can buy one with an HMV voucher or swap it for a great DVD, that is…


“Sure,” you’re thinking, “another clubcard scheme that only dishes out points when I cough up my hard-earned moolah. Thanks for nothing, Best For Film.” But that’s where you’re wrong! With ePoints you can earn points all over Best For Film, no matter what you like to use it for. This is how it works:

– Sign up for ePoints – just click ‘Register’ at the top of the page and follow the instructions
– We’ll give you 50 points for signing up and up to another 50 a month for interacting onsite.
– Look out for the ‘Earn’ banner onsite, or check your notifications for tips on collecting points
– Tweets, Facebook likes, comments and more can earn you points, so share and be rewarded!
– Free points not enough for you any more? Do some shopping and watch your ePoints accumulate!
– When you have enough points to redeem, click the glowing ‘Spend’ button and go on an ePoint splurge!


We love writing Best For Film and we hope you love reading it, but true love is hard to find (unless you’re in a Nicholas Sparks film, and even then one of you is probably going to die soon). So why not make it a little easier to find some happiness online? No matter what sort of things you like to buy online, ePoints works for you – and when you’re not feeling so flush, or you’d rather just be entertained, you can settle down with one of our articles and earn some ePoints without spending a penny. Yippie-ki-yay, mothershoppers!

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