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  • Peepli [Live]

    It’s a sorry state of affairs when you realise you’re worth more dead than you are alive. It’s even worse when your own brother acts as your spokesperson, selling you down the river without giving you so much as a bodyboard to keep youself afloat. And who was it who said that blood was thicker than water? Peepli [Live], a comic satire, explores the notion of “farmer suicides” and how the media can expose a serious issue and turn it into a speculative event until everyone’s talking about it.

  • 3 Idiots

    With the recent box-office success of movies like The Hangover and Superbad, it was only a matter of time before the bromance genre spread from the sets of Hollywood overseas. Now India is giving it a try, with this screen adaptation of Chetan Bhagat’s novel that centres around two college friends on a journey to find their vanished buddy. But this film has a little more heart than your average drunken-exploits-and-fart-humour college romp.