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  • Lovely, Still

    Christmas was months ago but with the arrival of Nik Fackler’s film Lovely, Still, the holiday feel is still present. Bring your Kleenex, the film’s like The Notebook but for the older person.

  • Passenger Side

    A strangely beguiling mixture of character piece and road movie and that never leaves the city, Passenger Side is a warm and surprisingly poignant low-fi gem. A slew of cameos prop up two outstanding lead performances as director Matt Bissonnette announces himself as one to watch.

  • Leap Year

    You know Ireland? That place where everyone dresses in green, the only drink available is Guiness, everyone is very sure (to be sure, to be sure), and where if you look a flame-headed man in the eye, you’re libel fer a beatin? No, us neither. As that place exists only in the minds of cigar-toting, fleshy eyed Hollywood executives. And now, also in Leap Year. Hoi ti toy ti toy.