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  • Passenger Side

    A strangely beguiling mixture of character piece and road movie and that never leaves the city, Passenger Side is a warm and surprisingly poignant low-fi gem. A slew of cameos prop up two outstanding lead performances as director Matt Bissonnette announces himself as one to watch.

  • Friday Drinking Game #3 – Star Wars

    It’s Friday, and that liver isn’t going to reduce itself! But going down the pub is such a cliché, and angels cry whenever you finish a bottle of something alone in your room. So why not consume alcohol the way it was meant to be consumed? In a living room, with a group of friends if you’re lucky enough to have some of those, watching some film you’ve seen a thousand times before – but never like THIS. This week it’s the original Star Wars trilogy – enjoy!

  • Save our Independent Cinemas! This week: the Rich Mix

    For those that are tired of lining the pockets of faceless, charmless McCinemas, and perhaps would like to watch a movie with other film-lovers – as opposed to throngs of yammering, popcorn-chucking oiks – then an independent cinema is the option you need to be poking your nose into. The UK has a proud history of these fine establishments, but they’re under threat from the evil corporate monsters that shall not be named. This week we look at the Rich Mix in Shoreditch.

  • Bella

    The subtle, unexpectedly deft début feature from Alejandro Gomez Monteverde combines big themes with a New York slice-of-life approach that manages to charm and intrigue, accompanied by three commendable central performances.

  • Leaves of Grass

    Edward Norton continues his string of underwhelming films that threatens to undermine the legacy of perhaps the finest American actor of the 90s. Writer-director Tim Blake Nelson apes the Coens with this tale of quirky criminals, but can’t match the Brothers Grim for inventiveness and assurance.