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  • Cheat Sheet: Denzel Washington

    He’s got another mediocre action film out – in this one he plays the grizzled vet to Ryan Reynolds’ wet-behind-the-ears n00b, so THAT’s new and exciting! – and more in the pipeline – has Denzel Washington forgotten the power and flair which won him two Oscars? No, actually, he hasn’t. Hang on, what do you mean you didn’t know about the two Oscars? Nurse – give this patient a Cheat Sheet, stat.

  • Cheat Sheet: John Hawkes

    He’s got an Oscar nomination, a fantastic new film in cinemas and a talent for playing creatively terrifying characters. So why have you barely heard of him? This week the Cheat Sheet celebrates John Hawkes, an actor who has finally come in from the cold to the reception he deserves.