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  • Top 10 films that need more One Direction

    The One Direction film – otherwise known as One Direction: This Is Us – is officially out in cinemas! Directed by Morgan ‘Supersize Me’ Spurlock and charting the boys’ meteoric rise to fame from their humble beginnings as mere children, the film looks set to break box office records and the hearts of perma-sobbing tweens everywhere.

  • M. Night Shyamalan – A Career Retrospective

    With M. Night Shyamalan’s latest film After Earth about to hit UK cinemas, we at Best For Film ask “How does this guy keep getting work? I mean seriously?” Like all rhetorical questions, this one has no answer, or if it does, quiet you, we want to ramble on for an entire blog post first. Let’s take a look back at M. Night’s distinguished career to truly decide once and for all if anyone should give this guy a camera ever again. What a twist!

  • Devil

    Most people don’t like to be in a lift, full stop. But imagine being there with four others, three with a shady past and the king of shade, the devil himself. As a sinner yourself, your complaint may not make it to the file and pot, kettle, black would spring to mind. The moral of the story: the devil punishes wrongdoers. And not just with coal in your stocking.