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  • In The House

    One boy’s obsession with living another life turns into an emotionally wrought game of wits and writing as he attempts to outfox his ambitious teacher in this funny French flick simmering with sexual frustration. Masterful performances from the younger cast members and a fitting third act make In The House one to watch if you’re after something that doesn’t have explosions in it.

  • Potiche

    Potiche is the French word for a vase or ornament of superficial beauty and little real value. Idiomatically, it refers to a trophy wife – a pretty, inoffensive girl who’ll sit on her shelf and not cause any trouble. Mischievous satirical prankster Fran├žois Ozon directs the magnificent Catherine Deneuve in a hilarious and savvy tale of one trophy wife who simply won’t stay in the cabinet.