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  • Friday Face/Off: Former Child Stars

    Child actors, eh? They’re fine – a little creepy, perhaps, but fine. The trouble comes when they stop being child actors – some fade quietly into the undergrowth and a few go on to glittering careers as real actors, but many others fall by the wayside, unable to survive the transition to adult actorhood. Maybe they just shouldn’t try? John and Florence duke it out…

  • Midgets Vs. Mascots

    Is it a documentary? Is it a spoof? Nobody’s really sure. All we know is that for some reason or other, this film records the attempts of five lacklustre professional mascots and five ‘Little People’ to win $10m. Actually, make that four Little People – one of them is actually Gary Coleman. Remember Gary Coleman? He’s dead now, and this is about as odd an epitaph as you’re likely to find.