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  • Marmaduke

    An all-star cast can’t quite make up for a mediocre script in this summer’s canine caper. Though Owen Wilson, Keifer Sutherland, Emma Stone and more all give fine performances in a believable CGI romp, there’s not enough animal magic to make us care about them.

  • The Spy Next Door

    Hong Kong legend Jackie Chan may be comfortably in his fifties, but he still manages to put many of the action genre’s young pretenders to shame with his acrobatics in The Spy Next Door. Targeted at families, Brian Levant’s high-tech comedy marries the martial arts prowess of the leading man with slapstick and cartoon violence.

  • Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day eh? There’s no getting away from the hatred of it. Either you’re not in a relationship and you’re sick of being reminded of the fact, or you are and you’re sick of being reminded that you’re not the lover you should be. It’s lose/lose. And no number of happy cuddly bears are going to change that. Nothing demonstrates this collective bitterness better than the natural reaction to Valentine’s Day – Garry Marshall’s sugar-coated tale of romance and heartbreak.