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  • The Virgin Media Shorts Awards 2011

    Join us as we look back on the winners and good-try-anyways of the 2011 Virgin Media Shorts Awards. There’s laughter, twists, warmed hearts and a mermaid for whatever reason. Take a look. After all, what have you got to lose except your worthless, worthless time?

  • Top 5 Terrible Lines in Great Films

    Good films are our favourite kind of films, and it’s pretty hard to make a good film out of a rubbish script. As a result, most good films have pretty good scripts. But sometimes, even in the very best films, there are lines so arse-shatteringly dreadful that they cause nearby birds to explode. Here’s some of those.

  • Friday Face/Off: Remakes

    The world of film is awash with Marmite topics – actors, genres or even cinematic styles which make some movie-goers dampen their plush seats and others tear the stuffing from the punter in front. In our J’accuse series, two of Best For Film’s writers go head-to-head and debate a controversial aspect of cinema. This time round it’s the worst nightmare of every indie Japanese director – the Hollywood remake.