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  • 5 More Films The Vatican Doesn’t Want You To See

    In the trailer for The Devil Inside the film rather proudly states that the Vatican did not give its endorsement. Well, neither did they endorse 21 Jump Street, but you don’t see them banging on about it do you? Anyway, perhaps they just weren’t fans of the movie. Big cinephile, The Pope, didn’t you know? Well, you will after reading his scathing critques of these other films the Vatican doesn’t want you to see.

  • Kevin Bacon Joins the New Comedy From Steve Carell

    Kevin Bacon has signed up to play the lover of an adulterous wife in an as-yet-untitled comedy. Written by Dan Fogelman and helmed by I Love You Phillip Morris directors John Requa and Glenn Ficarra, the new comedy will star the always-hilarious Steve Carell as a lovable loser married to cheating wife Julianne Moore.

  • Jim Carrey Is A Grandad At 47

    Eternal funny man and rubber-faced buffoon Jim Carrey is celebrating the birth of his first grandson. His daughter Jane, 22, gave birth to a 7lbs 11oz (crimety) baby boy on Friday in Los Angeles. She and husband Alex Santana have named him Jackson Riley Santana. Aw.