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  • Films to see in March 2011

    How do you know what you’re going to see at the cinema next month? You’re busy people – Facebook won’t update itself, and you’ve probably got a relationship to neglect or something. Oh, you haven’t? Sorry. Well, there’s no point in trying to meet another human adult now, you may as well just read this blog.

  • Inside Job

    You may not think that a documentary about the 2008 banking crisis is particularly thrilling popcorn fodder. You might think that watching Russell Crowe do some exploding or Adam Sandler fall over might satiate your entertainment valves to a greater extend than watching men with ties say words like “subprime loans” and “credit default swaps”. And you’d be wrong. So wrong. Inside Job is utterly brilliant. A flabbergasting explanation of the global economic disaster, it demands your attention and frankly, if you don’t watch it I’ll be ashamed of you. Though after watching this, I’m not sure I’ve got any shame left to give.