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  • Top 10 snow day tips from the movies

    WINTER IS COMING… BACK. And, with it, comes all of that bloody snow we were all so excited about a few months ago. If you’re looking for tips on how to deal with those nasty little flakes of ice, look no further. Best For Film have compiled a list of the top 10 snow day tipes from the movies of all time. Snow joke…

  • BFF Advent Calendar – 18th of December

    ‘Twas the Sunday before Christmas, and at Best For Film we’ve rustled up something special for your Advent calendar treat: a whole blooming film! Check it out, but don’t get ahead of yourself and peel any carrot sticks for tea – you might not want them later…

  • Top 10 insane Christmas films

    We’ve melted our brains watching some of the oddest Christmas films ever committed to celluloid; the least you can do is read our opinions. This blog is suitable for fans of squirrels, kidnapping, teleportation, Martians, amnesia, S Club 7, rent arrears, curling, balloons and rape.