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  • Interview! We talk to The Salt of Life star Gianni Di Gregorio

    Over the last three years, Gianni Di Gregorio has shot to international prominence with the release of two successive films which he directed and wrote as well as starring in. 2008’s Mid-August Lunch won universal acclaim and his new film The Salt of Life is, we suspect, about to do the same. We caught up with Gianni to talk Woody Allen, Monsieur Hulot and Silvio Berlusconi…

  • The Salt of Life

    The multitalented star of Mid-August Lunch returns with an equally funny and touching film which explores the frequently absurd complexities of male-female relationships and effortlessly skewers the concept of Berlusconi-era Italian machismo. This charming one man show is an unmitigated treat.

  • The Illusionist

    If you thrilled to the charming bumblings of M Hulot and gazed spellbound at the visual feast of Belleville Rendez-vous, then brace yourself. Based on a Jacques Tati script adapted by director Sylvain Chomet, The Illusionist has the best of both directors’ vision.

  • Top 5 kids’ films for this summer

    Yes, it’s that time of year again. The kids have broken up from school and the country is trembling with that thunderous and eternal summer cry – ‘I’m borrred’! Gone are the days of macaroni jewelry boxes and pooh sticks. Today’s little darlings demand high-tech, high-action adventure, which kicking a ball about with Charlie from next door simply won’t satisfy. These precious six weeks are their only chance to escape from an otherwise extremely stressful lifestyle. So, how to deal with our children during these long, sticky summer days. Lock them in a cage? Remove all sugary food items? Earplugs? The solution is much simpler my friend…