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  • Daddy Gibson calls Pope gay

    A real case of ‘like father like son’ has come to light within the Gibson clan. Not long since the outcry against Mel’s incriminating tape recordings, Devout Catholic Hutton Gibson has sparked a similar response by calling the Pope’s sexuality into question.

  • Film 4 FrightFest: The Final

    I love horror films! Well, more accurately, I love the viewing experience of horror films. Not so much the fearsome aftermath of shaking in my pyjamas at 3oclock in the morning not daring to leave my bed to go to the toilet. Despite this, you can imagine my delight when it was announced that Film 4’s annual FrightFest had landed in London. Held at the esteemed Empire Cinema in Leicester Square, the festival is committed to supporting independent horror films and bringing lovers of the genre together for a packed programme of palpitating peril!

  • Patel still in the slums

    When Dev Patel starred in the multi Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire, his acting career seemed set to sky rocket. But the 20 year old from Harrow has spoken out against prejudiced Hollywood casting directors, who have limited his offers to the role of terrorist, cab driver, or brainy geek.

  • Top 5 kids’ films for this summer

    Yes, it’s that time of year again. The kids have broken up from school and the country is trembling with that thunderous and eternal summer cry – ‘I’m borrred’! Gone are the days of macaroni jewelry boxes and pooh sticks. Today’s little darlings demand high-tech, high-action adventure, which kicking a ball about with Charlie from next door simply won’t satisfy. These precious six weeks are their only chance to escape from an otherwise extremely stressful lifestyle. So, how to deal with our children during these long, sticky summer days. Lock them in a cage? Remove all sugary food items? Earplugs? The solution is much simpler my friend…

  • De Niro and Cooper on honeymoon?

    It seems that a new love affair has blossomed between actors Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro. Having recently worked together on the upcoming picture Dark Fields, the two have gone in search of a new creative endeavour on which to collaborate.