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  • Mud

    Hailed as part of the continuing renaissance of Matthew McConaughey, Mud is an odd reflection on turbulent adolescence and the death of naivety. Mud leaves little room for interpretation and the story isn’t the most memorable, but it certainly deserves all the accolades plastered over the posters. Surprisingly nuanced performances, even from the younger cast members, a fantastical score, beautiful camera work and a boat in a tree lead to a great drama lacking the usual schmaltzy tosh.

  • Take Shelter

    Michael Shannon shines in Jeff Nichols’ psychological drama as a man haunted by visions of the world ending. The middle section of the film is somewhat repetitive, but the last half hour will leave you teetering on the edge of your seat. Imaginative, scary, thrilling and beautiful all in one go, Take Shelter is an astonishing film that will stay with you. And probably for much longer than you’ll be comfortable with.