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  • Offender

    Offender was released into cinemas in August this year and is so self-consciously ‘gritty’ that it scrapes at your eyeballs. Riddled with angry-young-men cliches, scattered with graphic violence, and littered with clunky references to Modern Culture, Offender cannot be forgiven for a painfully badly-judged script, confusing cinematography and appalling sound quality. Offender is The Shawshank Redemption for the Plan B generation. If Tim Robbins was a giant turd.

  • Easy Virtue

    You wouldn’t think pleasant comedic romps through the English countryside and Jessica Biel would go together, but somehow in this instance they do. Biel shines with charm and charisma, and Kristin Scott Thomas and Colin Firth are equally strong in supporting roles. Easy Virtue, as the title suggests, is a great night’s easy entertainment, a little gem of a comedy that you’re sure to enjoy more than you expected.