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  • Metalocalypse Season 3

    It’s time to don the corpse paint and bullet belts, because Adult Swim’s Metalocalypse is back to wreak Deth and commercialised destruction upon the masses – and Season 3 promises to be just as totally freakin’ brutal as the first two instalments.

  • Metalocalypse – Season 2 – DVD

    Another short-cartoon series from the people at Adult Swim, Metalocalypse is just as odd as you might expect. Playing like This Is Spinal Tap crossed with the most violent comic book you’ve ever read, it is simultaneously a celebration and send-up of heavy metal culture. Utilising an approach that is both daft and darker than coal, the series showcases not just the idiocy of its protagonists – petulant death metal band, Dethklok – but also the widest array of horrific concepts you’re ever likely to see. What’s worse; a man who eats live babies, or an irresponsible metal band running amok? Watching this DVD may be the only way to find out.