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  • Movie Pirates and Mouldy Popcorn

    Whenever you head to the cinema these days, there’s always an advert asking audiences to be vigilant against video pirates: making sure anyone with a camcorder can’t buckle their swash.The one thread that runs between them all is an emphasis on the value of the ‘cinematic experience’. Pirates, we’re told, are a threat to that experience. Well certainly those big hats must be blocking somebody’s view. But however much we cinema-goers care, or don’t, about internet piracy, we do all care about having a good Saturday night at the movies, whatever picture we see. But how connected, really, are those two things? Is internet piracy really the biggest threat to our cinematic experience, and if not, what else is?

  • Glee – the movie?

    Before we all burst into tears (of joy or despair, depending on your love of sparkles), we have to tell you that a Glee film is not definitely in the making, only that certain facts about the Glee cast’s contracts have come to light. It turns out that those sneaky critters at Fox (cunning as a?) thought very carefully about this franchise before they got their cast to sign on the dotted line, as they are all locked in for three feature films if the company so wishes.

  • Skins the movie?

    E4 producers have today confirmed that one of their most popular shows – Skins – will be turning the show into a big screen motion picture. Inordinately attractive teens everywhere rejoice!

  • Predators: Sneak Peek

    The official trailer of the new Predators re-boot isn’t out till thursday (three days to go!), but if you’re too excited to wait for a little peek at the new film, you’re in luck! The official website has posted a sneaky preview of the trailer, with commentary by producer Robert Rodriguez.