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  • One for the Money

    If film titles were a true reflection of their content, Katherine Heigl’s latest mawkish, reductive and ceaselessly boring ‘comedy-thriller’ wouldn’t be called One For The Money. It would be called Yet Another One For The Money, And Also It’s Cool To Be Utterly Incompetent At Everything As Long As Someone Tells You You’ve Got Nice Tits. Tricky to fit that on the posters though, I suppose, considering how much room has to be left for her nice tits.

  • Top 20 Comedies to See in 2012

    Wondering what to fill your days with in 2012? We recommend some light viewing, considering the world will probably be over then. Here are our best and worst for next year. Prepare to be angry, then a little happy, then quite confused, and then happy again.