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  • Undefeated

    “If you think football builds character, you’re dead wrong. Football reveals character”. This is just one of the absolutely pitch-perfect messages this Oscar-winning football documentary manages to hammer home. Inspiring and uplifting in a way that never feels saccharine, Daniel Lindsay and T.J. Martin step back and allow their stellar cast of hyper-real individuals do all the talking. And you know what? We listened.

  • I’m Still Here

    “Acting is not creativity, it’s doing what somebody else tells you to do,” Joaquin Phoenix declares in I’m Still Here, a film that charts his decision to stop being a thespian, grow a massive beard and rediscover himself as a rap artist. Is he crazy? Contradicting his own soundbyte with the most intriguing performance of his career, the answer is a resounding no. The story Phoenix and brother-in-law Casey Affleck have crafted is not insane, but assured – a fascinating study of self-identity.