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  • Cheat Sheet: Harmony Korine

    Harmony Korine is the sort of man you’d want to avoid if you bumped into him in a dark alleyway, judging by the skewered imaginings he brings to life on the silver screen. From films about sex-crazed criminal teens, like Spring Breakers and Kids, to his unfinished documentary Fight Harm (yup, the one which features Harmony being brutally beaten over and over again), there’s definitely a lot worth knowing about this controversial writer-director. And we’re here to provide all of that knowing on a silver platter…

  • Spring Breakers

    Disney angels turning seedy Hollywood. That’s been the primary hype surrounding Harmony Korine’s latest R-rated project. And it’s a shame really, because this is much more than just teen queens in bikinis behaving as you’ve never seen them before; this is a dissection of a generation and an expose on the psychedelic trip that is Spring Break.