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  • Top 5 witches in film

    The best role model for a girl child is a witch. This is true. Nowhere else in film is so solely the preserve of excellent, kick-ass ladies; no other character trope so thoroughly and utterly dominated by clever, fierce, complicated women who get things done and get them done their way. And they are funny. And they are cool. And they dress well. And they are- some of them- pretty brilliantly evil, proper villains, proper, Halloweeny, haunty villains worth fighting. There’s something to aim for, girl-children, on this Halloween night: be worth fighting. The best role model for a girl child is a witch, and here are five of our favourites.

  • Top 10 Cats in Film

    This Friday, Dreamworks’ Shrek spin-off Puss in Boots is hitting the cinemas. To celebrate this occasion, we are taking a look back at some of our most beloved onscreen cats. We’ve also invited along noted cat scientist Professor Snowypaws to help us out.