Will a Sabrina The Teenage Witch reboot be hitting our screens?

If, like us, you were spotty and unhappy in the late 90s, it’s pretty likely that you found solace in the magical world of Sabrina The Teenage Witch. Melissa Joan Hart chatting carelessly away to a dodgy animatronic cat, Aunt Hilda and Aunt Zelda doing literally NOTHING else ever again, Harvey, Josh, will they won’t they, that huge witch guy Drell who was also Penn out of Penn and Teller – it’s what made up our pyjama-based weekends and DAMMIT thems were sacred times. So how do we feel about the idea that Sony are “re-booting it” in a Spiderman style? Ill. Ill, scared and more than a little aroused.

Thing is, technically we can’t even claim that the Nickelodeon Sabrina we all know and love is the original – the teen witch has been kicking around in comic form since the 1960s, it’s just that the Melissa Joan Hart version is the only one that really stuck. According to Deadline, Sony are planning to re-create her origin story in a much “darker, edgier, BLAH BLAH YOU KNOW THE DRILL” way; a young lass coming to grips with POWERS BEYOND HER CONTROL and all that. We can confirm that they’re keen to drag Salem along for the ride (damn straight), but that this time he’ll be a “a transformed prince creating unique love stories for Sabrina.” What? Salem is a wise-cracking maniac who changes the pronunciation of Friday to FRIDYA as he DAMN well pleases, he’s not some furry matchmaker. Still, considering the strength of the existing fanbase, at least they’ll be able to cast a talented unknown and not… well… Miley Cyrus. Anyone but her, guys. Anyone but her.

Who should take on the mantle of Teenage Witch-dom? Let us know below…

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