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  • TGIM! Ken Loach Q&A on ‘The Save the Children Fund Film’

    More than forty years ago, radical director Ken Loach was hired to produce a documentary about the work of Save the Children. Last year it was shown publicly for the first time after a decades-long suppression campaign orchestrated by the charity itself. And this Thursday you can not only see it but hear the man himself discuss it. In Peckham. Thank God it’s Monday, eh?

  • Cheat Sheet: Julianne Moore

    With over a staggering 50 movies tucked under that beautiful scarlet barnet, Julianne Moore is one of the most talented, varied, and genuinely lovely actresses in the world. But what on earth do we really know about her? Exactly, you selfish hounds. So, to celebrate the release of the genuinely lovely Crazy Stupid Love, we present our guide to Miss Moore…