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  • Cheat Sheet: Liam Neeson

    LIAM NEESON IS A PROPER ACTOR, aint he? We know it, we know it in our heart of hearts. And yet, if we’re honest, it’s been a long road since the jolly old days of Schindler’s List. Can we forgive an Irish scamp The Next Three Days? Wrath Of The Titans? Attack Of The Clones? And more importantly, d’ya think Helen Mirren ever got over him dumping her? Oh that’s right, we’re getting to the proper stuff, it must be CHEAT SHEET O’CLOCK.

  • WIN: UNKNOWN on DVD x 5!

    Fans of Taken will love Liam Neeson’s latest action thriller about a man who recovers from injuries with amnesia, only to discover another man has stolen his wife, his life and his identity. We have 5 x UNKNOWN DVDs to give away! Competition ends 22 August 2011.

  • Unknown

    Unknown centers around one man’s attempts to reclaim his identity. Though comparisons to Bourne Identity and Memento seem inevitable, this action thriller still manages to generate some heat.