Daniel Radcliffe to star in The F Word

More Radcliffe news! That man/boy (it’s hard to tell) is really on a roll at the moment. After announcing that he will star in horror flick Horns, the Harry Potter “actor” has also just signed up to rom-com The F Word, alongside Zoe Kazan (Revolutionary Road).

The F word in question isn’t what you are thinking, it actually stands for Friend as in when your relationship with a girl is actually in the friend zone (bwahahah, isn’t that play on words just so funny…) and Radcliffe is playing a man trying to have a successful platonic relationship with Kazan, who is already in a relationship with someone else. Sounds exceedingly dire doesn’t it? Long gone are the days of great rom-coms like Pretty Woman and When Harry Met Sally now we are stuck with wizards attempting to be funny. And we thought the recession was the biggest problem we faced currently.

The film is beginning production this summer and will be directed by Michael Dowse (Goon the movie, not an insult) and is adapted from the play Toothpaste and Cigars by screenwriter Elan Mastai. Couldn’t have just stuck with the original title then, Dowse? Nope, had to try and make it seem “edgy”. Goon. (Insult).

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