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  • The Initiation

    The Initiation (1984) has it all: gallons of red stuff, psychoanalysis, caricatures, a sanatorium, boobs, trowels, and frat boys in tiny shorts. Kicking off with protagonist Kelly Fairchild’s satisfyingly Freudian nightmare, the film segues into a candlelit meeting which marks the initiation of Kelly and three other young, nubile things into the Delta Ro Kai…

  • Handgun

    When Kathleen (Karen Young) – a displaced Bostonian and diligent mass-goer complete with Madonna tooth gap, new to Dallas as a fresh-out-of-college teacher – meets Larry (Clayton Day), studmuffin lawyer with a fetish for things that go “bang”, she reluctantly succumbs to his advances after the two bond over Larry’s wealth of knowledge about the history of handguns. Kathleen’s still licking the wounds left by a recent break-up and isn’t up for being more than pals; unfortunately for her, though, guns aren’t the only weapon on the menu.